Inter-Department Game and Grandson Jack visits with Jennifer and Justin

Another action packed weekend. Friday night was the counseling/school psych softball game.  Jack pitched for the school psych team.  Unfortunately he gave up 17 runs.  The good news was he caught 3 fly balls and picked up two grounders and threw the runners out at first.  One of the balls should have gone to second, but an out is an out.  For team school psych Scott Bellini contributed two homers, Jonathan Plucker hit another over the fence, and Jack was able to get on base when the throw to first was overthrown. Despite the 17 to 7 loss, we had a good time.

Jennifer and Justin arrived with Jack on Saturday afternoon. Jack looked every bit of six months. His hair was about a half inch long, very soft and somewhere between black and brown. His eyes are still blue.  We’ll have to wait six months or so if they stay blue.  Regardless, Jack has Jennifer’s big eyes. Big Jack couldn’t get over how often he smiled. What a great temperament. What fortunate parents.  His downside is sleep.  Jennifer and Justin would appreciate it if he would sleep longer at night.  He is still up multiple times each night.

Jennifer has turned out to be the best mom. Her willingness to sacrifice is impressive.  She is committed to breast feeding and has given up dairy due to Jack’s digestive difficulties. During pregnancy she developed diabetes and was willing to give up more than ten years of not eating meat.  Fortunately she was able to continue the vegetarian diet.

Justin, Jennifer and Jack went out to the Scenic View restaurant to meet her girl friends. Their dinner was marginal.  Jennifer did not like that salsa on her dish and left hungry.  Justin and I went out later to My Thai to get Jen some dinner.

While they were at dinner, Marcia, Jack, and the three little guys went to the Inn at Brown County park. Jack wanted Marcia to hear the Dave Miller’s one man acoustic classic rock.  The same guy that was such a pleasant surprise last Saturday night. He was just as good but a bit louder because instead of sitting to side of him we were directly in front.  All and all a pleasant dinner with music and the girls.

On Sunday Marcia took the three girls to Sunday school at Beth Shalom, and later headed up to Mooresville for a wedding shower. Jennifer, Justin, Little Jack and Big Jack had pleasant breakfast at the Uptown Cafe.  Then it was back to 720 Ballantine so Jack and Jennifer could take a nap. Meanwhile, Justin and Jack headed to the HPER building to play table tennis.  Justin had been playing during lunch and after 5 at work.  He also has been learning some of the finer points of playing at some Chicago table tennis clubs.  Needless to say, Jack learned humility for a second time that weekend.  Justin won ten games to Jack’s one.