Another Football Weekend

A beautiful day, blue sky, unseasonably warm for the third weekend of October.  Although the morning started in the low 50’s it was 70 plus and sunny for the game that started at noon.  We had a brief tailgate before the game.  The girls had CapriSun drinks and we had bottled water. It was a cold snack, strawberries and brownies. The walk to the stadium was interesting because this time we were on the side of the stadium that all the RV’s park.  It was clear that there were folks that were serious about tailgating.

This time we headed for our seats early.  Since our seats were purchased with the Coke Pack Special we received a 32 oz Coke or lemonade, hot dog, and popcorn.  Plenty to fill all of us up.Arkansas State 34, IU 36. The first half looked as though IU was going to add to their loss column. It teetered back and forth until the fourth quarter when IU finally up by 10 with a couple of minutes left. Here’s what the Herald-Times had to say about the game.

“It doesn’t matter now, Indiana’s players said, what the score was. It doesn’t matter that they trailed Arkansas State at the half, or that they were in danger of suffering a defeat until the final minute. It doesn’t matter that they escaped the humiliating fate of losing to a team the program paid $700,000 to serve as a sacrificial lamb for Homecoming by the narrow margin of two points. All that matters, they said, is that they escaped. That’s what the Hoosiers did Saturday, nipping Arkansas State 36-34 in front of 40,480 at Memorial Stadium. “A win is a win is a win is a win,” senior quarterback Ben Chappell said. “We got a win, that’s what’s most important.”

Walk to School Day

It was walk to school day.  Sarah, Rachel and Ella arrived in time to meet the group and walk to school.  They were not in time to get a balloon so I tried to teach them a sharing lesson.  See how bad you feel when others don’t share with you.  Next time you have something and someone else doesn’t, you should share what you have.  It was clear no one got the point.  I tried again after school and I may as well have been speaking another language.  That sharing concept is tough for kids, actually for adults as well.

Sarah brought home a class assignment.  She made a list things she likes:


Mrs Mongold

Ms. Bonde



















spigati (her spelling)


Chrishmish zoo

since (science)


An interesting list.  I was happy dad made it to the list.  It was missing on a comparable assignment during first grade.  It was a surprise that butterflys made the list before mom.

We walk to school everyday, so the special part was having a big group to go with.

Megan, Jennifer, Justin and Jack Michigan-IU Weekend

After weeks of drought conditions and unseasonably hot weather, it cooled off. Saturday started with a drizzle and by noon there was real rain.  It wasn’t a downpour but it was not weather for a tailgate party.  Marcia and Jennifer had spent Friday night prepping vegetarian chili, carrot cupcakes, cutting veggies and getting us ready to head the tailgate.  While they were doing that Justin and Jack were playing table tennis.  We played to a 2-2 tie and then had to leave because the HPER closed at 9:00.  We were unable to get our rubber match in due to the building closing.  Justin was as shocked as Jack was that I was even in the game.  It was a pleasant shock for me.  But back to the tailgate…

At noon on game day when it was raining, Justin and Jack were out and picked up some ponchos.  Since we were prepared for rain, it stopped.

While at the tailgate, Justin and Jack played challenged James Thomas and John Misz.  We were as close as you can get, 21 to 20.  There were long lines to get into the football stadium. It was hard to believe that it was an IU football game with such a crowd.  Another surprise was seeing the “sold out” sign on the ticket window.  Since we were hung up in the line to get into the game it started without us.  We were walking around the open south side of stadium when we saw IU draw first blood.  To have IU score first against #19 Michigan was almost as unbelievable as the sold out stadium. We arrived at our seats and then Michigan scored.  It went back and forth trading touchdowns.  A defensive display it was not.  Both times marched up and down the field.  It was 21 to 21 at half.  Jack said the lady behind us, “imagine the people watching TV and see Michigan 21 – Indiana  21.”  It was a nail biter.  IU tied the score at 35 with only one minute left. Unfortunately it took less than a minute for Michigan to score and go ahead 42 to 35.  With 20 seconds left, IU was unable to get another score.  At least Justin was happy with the outcome.  It sure deflated a lot of IU fans.  So close, but a loss nevertheless.