Another Football Weekend

A beautiful day, blue sky, unseasonably warm for the third weekend of October.  Although the morning started in the low 50’s it was 70 plus and sunny for the game that started at noon.  We had a brief tailgate before the game.  The girls had CapriSun drinks and we had bottled water. It was a cold snack, strawberries and brownies. The walk to the stadium was interesting because this time we were on the side of the stadium that all the RV’s park.  It was clear that there were folks that were serious about tailgating.

This time we headed for our seats early.  Since our seats were purchased with the Coke Pack Special we received a 32 oz Coke or lemonade, hot dog, and popcorn.  Plenty to fill all of us up.Arkansas State 34, IU 36. The first half looked as though IU was going to add to their loss column. It teetered back and forth until the fourth quarter when IU finally up by 10 with a couple of minutes left. Here’s what the Herald-Times had to say about the game.

“It doesn’t matter now, Indiana’s players said, what the score was. It doesn’t matter that they trailed Arkansas State at the half, or that they were in danger of suffering a defeat until the final minute. It doesn’t matter that they escaped the humiliating fate of losing to a team the program paid $700,000 to serve as a sacrificial lamb for Homecoming by the narrow margin of two points. All that matters, they said, is that they escaped. That’s what the Hoosiers did Saturday, nipping Arkansas State 36-34 in front of 40,480 at Memorial Stadium. “A win is a win is a win is a win,” senior quarterback Ben Chappell said. “We got a win, that’s what’s most important.”