Today is the day: Packed and headed to the airport

We wanted to keep a record of the trip for the girls, and to share the adventure with friends and family. It will likely come in handy for Marcia and me, i.e., when our memories evaporate with advancing years.

A fun aspect of travel is planning and anticipation of things to come. Discovering what’s possible and imagining the options are the first and perhaps the most critical part of the adventure. They may not be the most critical, but they are right up there. Over the past year we have spent countless hours reading books and webpages. Talking with friends we have gathered recommendations on places to see and things to do.

One of the cool features of the blog will be for you to comment and make suggestions. With the Itinerary link to the right of the screen, you will have an idea of when and where we will be. If you have a suggestion about something we should not miss, shoot us a comment.

At some point in elementary, junior high or high school, I occasionally got grief in the form “Cummings, Goings, ha ha”. Not bullying, but more on the level of annoyance. Since we will travel around Europe for four and a half months, seemed to be an apt title for our travelogue.

The anticipation phase has come to an end. We are now packed and ready to head to the airport.

One thought on “Today is the day: Packed and headed to the airport”

  1. Wow!! What a challenge: packing the needs of your family for five months in Europe into eight backpacks. Amazing!!

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