Happy leap year day!

You don’t get many leap year days.  For us it was the first full day in Paris.  The girls were up late last night, so they were slow to get out of bed.  It took us till 11:30 to head to the metro. The girls learned how to read a metro map and in short order we arrived at the Louvre.  Since we plan to return to the Louvre multiple times over the next month, we bought the annual pass.  We are now members of the Societe des AMIS du Louvre.

Sarah’s observations from this morning.

People dress differently in Paris. Many of the men wear trench coats. I have not seen a man wear something like that in Bloomington. The money is different, it has rainbow colors and is not green. Paris has smaller shops than the United States. In the United States there are department stores like, Kroger and Target, while in Paris there are small independent shops, cheese shops, butchers, and family owned grocery stores.

Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful getting today’s photos off the camera.  I did take one photo on my cell phone of a Coke bottle. Something about a green Coke seemed off.   According the sign, it has 30 percent fewer calories than classic Coke.  Coke for life, something else that is different in Paris.