A visit with Madeline

Madeline visited from Copenhagen. She brought danish from Denmark.   We visited the 9th floor of PrintempsLe Déli-Cieux. According the website, “The venue is magical, between heaven and earth, set like a glass case on the terrace of the top floor of the Printemps Home Store.”  It was a beautiful day, warm in comparison to Copenhagen. We sat in the open air with a 360 view of Paris.

Our next stop was the Palais Garnier which was built from 1861 to 1875. The opulence of the setting for 1975 patrons was hard to fathom.  Marc Chagall painted the ceiling of the opera house in 1963.

We also took a cruise down the Seine.

3 thoughts on “A visit with Madeline”

  1. Thanks for hosting Madeline for the weekend! She had a wonderful time reconnecting with family and seeing the sights!

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