Disneyland Paris

In the spirit of the first day of spring break for the Monroe County Schools, we opted to use our metro passes to go to Disneyland.  Climbing the steps at the last stop on the line, Marne-la-Vallée, we were pleased to see  the facade of Disneyland.  This meant we did not need to emerge at the top of steps and figure out which direction to head. There was no question since there was a throng of Italians, Brits, Spanish, and Germans charging toward the entrance. There were significantly fewer French than we expected.  DSCN0771

Our first ride was on Space Mountain Mission 2.  It was much more aggressive of a roller coaster than we expected.  Marcia, Rachel, and Ella sworn off roller coasters for the day.  Sarah was the only to get through the ride unscathed.  Marcia said she had to sit down, Ella complained about her stomach, and Rachel said  her legs were wobbly, and it felt like her head went through a pinball machine and some punched her in the stomach.  Sarah’s comment on the ride was, “awesome.” That left me alone to ride ride the roller coaster, Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril, with Sarah. Here’s a link to someone’s else’s ride on Indiana Jones, http://www.tubechop.com/watch/7791461 .  The ride didn’t last much more than a minute but there was a fast 360 about two thirds along the way.  Maybe because it was short, I did not feel as disoriented after Indiana Jones. Sarah and I also did the fairly tame parachute drop.  DSCN0854

For Rachel, the highlight of the day was one souvenir shop after the next.  Disney certainly has mastered the art of selling souvenirs. Main Street was lined with shops.  They are deceptive because starting on Main Street, they appear to be attractions.  Not so, once you enter the themed trinkets fill a series of displays.  The full price range from a few euros to hundreds of euros, was available for purchase.  Once you emerge from the park, you would think you have escaped the shops.  Again, not so.  The Ultimate Disney Experience awaits.  Rachel’s eyes lit up and we went right in.

As fans of the Pixar movie, Cars, we enjoyed checking out the following.

We were exhausted after a day of walking around.  Marcia’s step counter registered 21,298.  When Marcia, Ella and Rachel returned to the apartment, Sarah and I searched for a place to buy a baguette for our 9 PM dinner.  After three stops we decided that buying a baguette at that time of the evening was going to work.  We settled for salad fixing and two boxes of cereal.  That meant 22,918 steps, 8.84 miles.

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