Rachel’s day

Rachel was still in bed when I walked into her room.  She announced that she wanted a croissant and egg.  I said, “You think you are a princess.”  She replied, “No, I’m a queen and this is my queendom.” Rachel did get a baguette and egg.

It was Rachel’s day, meaning that she could decide what we would do for the day.  She wanted to return books to the American Library and walk by the Eiffel Tower.  Walking by the Eiffel Tower, there were three armed guards.  I took a picture of Sarah, but intentionally had the guards in the shot too.  I wanted to have the soldiers in the picture because soldiers with automatic weapons are prevalent around tourist attractions.  On a side street near our apartment is meeting place for Orthodox Jews.

  Landscaping with a palm tree with flowers blooming in March!

About half the time, there are three soldiers, two on one side of the street and one of the other side.  Their demeanor is very serious.  Back to the Eiffel Tower, right after I took the picture, one of the soldiers moved toward me briskly and wanted to see the camera.  I pointed to Sarah in the picture and he did not buy it.  Next step, I  deleted the picture.


Just to the left of the picture is the spot on the sidewalk that the soldier made me delete the picture.

Rachel is standing by a seat at the White Cafe.  The cafe is located between our apartment and the closest metro station. Hence, we pass by the cafe multiple times each day.  From the first time she saw the face chair, she wanted to eat there and sit in the chair.  Mission accomplished today. She had a mango smoothie that was outstanding.  Marcia and I split a chicken curry panini. Everyone was happy.


Buying celery in Paris caused me to think, what would Parisians think when they come to the United States and see only half of the celery that they get at home?  We continue to marvel at the quality of the fruit.  Oranges from spain that consistently are among the juiciest we would get from Florida or California.  The apples from France are crisp and firm.  Unlike the price of meals and drinks in Pubs and restaurants, the price of fruits and vegetables is more consistent with what we are used to paying in the States.  In some cases, like tomatos and stop light peppers, they cost half what we would normally pay.

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