The apartment in the 16th arrondissement

In a couple of emails and a phone call, we have been asked about the apartment.  The 19th century apartment has been in the same family for close to 100 years. We appreciate the kindest of the owners to share it with us for five weeks.

At the turn of the last century, they heated with fireplaces.  Hence, there are four fireplaces in the apartment. Below is the dining room fireplace and detail at the top of the fireplace above the mantel where it joins the ceiling.

Below is the carved marble fireplace in the living room.  It speaks for itself.

The third fireplace shows equally impressive craftsmanship and is in the master bedroom.


DSCN0889The fourth stone fireplace mantel is located in the second bedroom.  Again the stone work reflects much skilled labor. With the exception of the new kitchen and bathrooms, the apartment maintains its 19th century charm.  The floors, doors, moldings are original.  Several newer features were appealing to Marcia; separate washer and dryer, fire alarms, and wireless internet that can handles three kids on a combination of Amazon Prime, Netflix, and YouTube. Much thanks to Sid for noting that a VPN will allow programs to avoid being blocked while we are in Europe.

The washer and dryer that made laundry hasslefree 

5 thoughts on “The apartment in the 16th arrondissement”

    1. The neighborhood restaurants and bakeries, close proximity of the Eiffel Tower, and access to the Metro made the apartment a great place to stay. The girls like the internet access. I agree with Megan, “cool place.”

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