Jardin du Luxembourg

DSCN0972On at least five days, Marcia suggested Luxembourg Gardens as a destination. The girls showed no interest.  Finally, Marcia used Kaitlyn as an excuse to head to Luxembourg Gardens.  There was much foot dragging by the girls.  As we entered the park, Ella was impatient to find a place to eat because she was starving. Looking at statues was not getting it.  Rachel was much more interested in taking pictures of ducks. The girls’ reluctance to enjoy the park evaporated once they saw the sailboats on pool surrounding the Medici fountain.  All of the sudden the park was fascinating.  It become more fun once they learned we were able to rent the sailboats for 3.5 Euros.

DSCN0958It was a fairly cold day, in the low 40’s but with the wind it felt like mid-30’s.  I should have worn a sweater under my fleece.  Marcia was “cold to the bone.” We ate at the Pavillon Fontaine. The special of the day was French Onion soup.  According to Marcia, it was the best French Onion soup we had yet.   It was hearty with a generous layer of broiled cheese and thick with diced onions.  I thought it was a tie for number one with the soup at the Restaurant de la Tour Eiffel.  We had hot chocolate at the parc Pavillon, but back outside it did not take long to lose the feeling of warmth.

There were some interesting statues in the parc.

On our way home via the Metro.




2 thoughts on “Jardin du Luxembourg”

  1. Loved the video of the sailboats! We visited the Luxembourg Garden in 2013 and watched kids sailing those boats for some time. That is some cheap fun!

    1. Rhonda
      You would love one of Ella’s comments while they were playing with the sailboats. She said, “Dad, this is so much more fun than sailing.” I must admit that it was fun as the girls let me push the boats a few times, but compared to real sailing, no way. Jack

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