Château de Versailles

DSCN0999 (1)The grandeur of Versailles is hard to imagine.  King Louis XIV devoted half the GNP of France to the construction of the buildings and gardens.  At age 4 in 1643, he became king.  His father, Louis XIII’s will,  appointed a regency council to rule during Louis XIV youth.  His early years were difficult because he was stripped of power and treated according by the regency council.  With his mother, he eventually had his father’s will annulled.  Louis XIV transformed his father’s relatively modest hunting lodge to palaces with gardens and fountains. He built the most significant monarchy in Europe.  Versailles was his escape from Paris. He would entertain as many as 5,000 nobles at a time.

DSCN1155 (1)

Below are Rachel and Ella in the Hall of Mirrors.  To the right is Pandora holding the famous box in her left hand. Below is Artimus, the goddess of chastity, the hunt, and nature.

In a rowboat with the five of us on the one mile Grand Canal  We shared the canal with several single person sculls.  We tried to stay out of their way.  They came pretty close a couple of times.

2 thoughts on “Château de Versailles”

  1. I agree. The grandeur of Versailles is hard to imagine unless you see it for yourself. I remember our tour guide mentioning that 30,000 construction workers were on site when Louis XIV moved to Versailles. And – 500 cooks, for royalty alone, were housed there. The grandeur – really irritating and heart wrenching – when you hear that so many people were starving at the time. Thanks for sharing your photos and history of the time. Some of your historical account was new to me, or I have just forgotten it. Regardless, I am really enjoying your blog!

  2. The thing that gets me is one leader is able to control the masses and get them to willing work so hard to create such impressive buildings. The same thoughts come to mind about massive structures built hundreds of years again. It makes you think about what motivates people to build the current towering structures in cities across the world. Unfortunately, starvation is still present.

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