Easter in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower

DSCN1470While on a walk along the Seine, we happened on an Easter Egg hunt.  (When Rachel read the first sentence she introjected, “Dad we were not walking along the Seine, we were complaining about walking along the Seine”.) We saw kids at booths and kids running about looking for eggs.  It took a little while to figure out how it worked.  The kids at the booths were not trading tickets for the opportunity to knock over a stack of cans.  The kids were getting prizes and lots of praise from the volunteers staffing the booths. The volunteers were also signing a sheet that looked like a glossy newspaper insert.  Sarah and Rachel were excited about the prospect of getting Kinder eggs.  Ella wanted to go back to the apartment, (in Rachel’s words, she was a pain …)  Eventually we figured out how it worked.  The glossy sheets were 5 Euros.  Finding 3 different colored eggs allowed you to get a bag with Kinder eggs.  Visiting the various booths allowed you to get small prizes and lots of verbal reinforcers from the volunteers.