DSCN1528We picked up our new car in Paris and headed to Normandy to visit Roger and Sharon, our neighbors from Bloomington. They retired, put their Bloomington house up for sale and moved to France.  The live near Vimoutiers.  It is directly south of Le Havre, and about 35 km from the English Channel.  Sharon gave us a walking tour of the town.Vimoutiers was leveled from Allied bombing during WWII.  The only structure left standing was a church.

Church & Mill on River Vie
Church & Mill on River Vie

We saw two statues of Marie Harel, who is credited with the invention of Camembert cheese. Her statue was beheaded during the 1944 bombing. In 1948, William Foster, CEO of Borden Foods wrote to the mayor of Vimoutiers and said 400 employees of Borden Foods wanted to replace the statue.  Below you can see the headless statue and its replacement.


Sharon made us a typical French meal; chicken, salad, baguette, and dessert from the bakery.  It was a nice treat to catch up with Roger and Sharon. They are living an adventure.  Before we left they asked if we had seen the Tiger Tank on the way into Vimoutiers.  They said it was one of only two that still exist.  To avoid us getting lost on a shortcut to get pictures of the tank, we followed them in our car.  The steel body of the tank was two inches thick.  DSCN1535

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