Furore, Italy

From Rome the first three hours of driving to Furore were a piece of cake, basically four lane highways with minimal slowdowns due to one lane being closed for construction. The fun ended once we hit the mountains.  The switchbacks were challenging and seemed to go on forever.  Ella and Rachel complained about car sickness.  Marcia was feeling a bit queasy too.

The final road to the apartment was essentially a single lane road with occasional spots where two cars could pass.  Bottomline is that we made it without putting a scratch on the car.  After being in Rome, Furore is a significant change of pace. The entire mountainside is terraced and planted with olive trees, tomatoes, lettuce, berries, and lemon trees.  Sitting on the deck , occasionally we can hear chickens, and two mules.  The mules communicate with each other.  The one directly below us will bray and then the one down the coast to the south will answer.

DSCN1699 (1)
View of Amalfi Coast from our apartment in Furore. Negotiating switchbacks by car it takes about 25 minutes to arrive at the coast.
There is no shortage of churches in Italy
Bell tower of the church, Amalfi, Italy

2 thoughts on “Furore, Italy”

  1. Great photos and updates! Italy is on our bucket list. We will want to talk to you, see photos, etc. upon your return home. And – we might want to borrow Rachel and her stop watch!

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