A daytrip to Capri

From our apartment, we drove 25 minutes of switchbacks to arrive at Amalfi by 8:15. Marcia bought the tickets while I drove about a kilometer and parked the car in an impressive multi level garage built into the mountainside. There was a tunnel from the garage to the center of Amalfi. The tunnel was large enough to drive a truck through from one end to the other. We met up and waited a few minutes for the boat to show up.  The boat made a stop at Positano, which has a reputation for being a high end town on the Amalfi Coast.

Positano, Italy
Happy campers after arriving at the marina on Capri.  Notice Jack’s new hat that he purchased on the boat for the bargain price of 5 Euros.  It should be noted that hat was the last bargain on Capri.  No one could tell we were tourists on the island.
Going into the Blue Grotto on Capri.  It was high density touristy.
About to enter the Grotto
Inside the Grotto.  We had seen a Youtube video and assumed they had artificial lighting.  To the contrary, the color of the water is entirely natural.  While we were in there, two girls jumped into the water.  Not our girls.  Note that the photo has not been touched up with photoshop.  This is actually  and accurate representation of how it actually looked while we were in the Grotto.

After the Grotto the boat circled the island of Capri.


Sophia Loren’s home on Capri
Giorgio Armani’s home on Capri
Rachel and Sarah getting their feet wet
Rachel Hamming it up at a rooftop restaurant
A view from the restaurant on Capri
Picturesque boat alongside of our boat on the stop at Positano
Near the end of the day we arrive back in Amalfi.  It was a good day.