Ancient Korinthos (Corinth)

Corinth is on the narrow land bridge which connects the Peloponnese peninsula with  mainland Greece. Its position on the isthmus meant travel from the Peloponnese north and vice versa passed through.  Likewise sea travel west to Rome and east to Mediterranean also passed through Corinth.  Due to its position on the isthmus, its population grew to 750,000 and was known for great wealth.

The Temple of Apollo predates the Roman reconstruction of the city in 46 BCE.  Notice the doric capitals on the column.  You would think the capitals would have been Corinthian.  After walking around further we saw Corinthian capitals.  Marcia and Ella with Rachel in the bottom left.


Roman theater 

Corinth’s first inhabitants date back to between 6000 and 5000 BCE.  In the 8th century BCE the leading export of Corinth was pottery.  DSCN2022 (1)


The fountain of Glauke.  It was cut out of solid stone around the 6th century BCE.