Ancient Heraion

IMG_1604Ancient Heraion is a 30 minute drive from where we are staying in Loutraki (more on Loutraki in the next post). To keep as many people happy as possible, we collectively devised a new system for deciding what we will do each day.  Sarah came up with the idea of brackets that worked like the NCAA basketball tournament. We explored all the various things to do in the Peloponnese peninsula and put them in brackets.  For each pair we voted. The item that won moved to the next bracket.  Eventually, we voted for Heraion and the Vouliagemi lagoon.  The real attraction for the kids was swimming in the crystal clear waters of what is essentially a sea lake. The sea lake and Heraion are only 3.5 km apart, so Marcia astutely suggested to stop first at Heraion.  Rather than get out of the car and explore the site, the kids choose to stay back and read kindles.  Someday they will read the blog and realize what they missed, an incredible view of Heraion and the rocky coast line.

Sanctuary of Hera, goddess of marriage and wife of Zeus.
Malagavi Lighthouse, built in 1896, sits above Ancient Heraion.  It is still in use today. What is not apparent in the picture is force of the wind at the time.  It was blowing at least 30 knots.
The shoreline north of Heraion
Crystal clear water at Vouliagemi. Swimming here is what Rachel and the girls wanted. Unfortunately the what appeared to be jellyfish squashed that idea.
IMG_1630 (1)
Swimming was called off when Rachel spotted what looked like jellyfish.  They were roughly 4-5 inches in length. A search of Adriatic jellyfish, Mediterranean jellyfish, as well as scanning pages and pages of jellyfish images turned up no matches.  Rather than risk it, no one opted to brave the water.
A creative way to cover the steps that lead up to the restaurant in the upper left portion of the picture.  Our Renault with almost 4,000 km accumulated since we picked it up in Paris.