Good Friday in Loutraki

Greek Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter according to the Julian calendar.  We were surprised when talking to some Greek gentlemen at mini-market that the population of Loutraki would swell this weekend.  They were right.  We were about to experience our second Easter celebration because of the difference with the Western Gregorian calendar.

Good Friday proved to be an interesting evening.  Sarah was up for going downtown to see the procession from the church to the square.

This was before the crowd grew.

The video is three minutes long.  I tried a shortened version by cutting portions out, but it lost its impact.  It is amazing how long the band continued to pass, and then the people coming from the church stretched out in lines just as long.

The next day I was in the market.  It was packed.  Cars were in a queue to get any spot that opened up.  Once inside the store, it felt like being in Big Red on the night before the Little 500 in Bloomington.  Instead of lining up for cases and kegs of beer, the hot item was lamb.  In one person’s cart there were two full size lambs sans heads.  There was a long line waiting at the butcher’s counter.  At the checkout, each checker had 6 or more people with overflowing carts.  For a change I picked the line that moved the quickest.  As soon I pulled out of my parking spot there were two cars vying for it.  The Greeks are polite drivers so one of the drivers gave the other the nod.

In the early afternoon, our neighbor across the way was setting up his grill to accommodate a full lamb.