It started out a cool crisp morning with scattered cloud cover. I took a fifteen minute walk to a local mini-mart.  We have raved about the quality of the fruit and vegetables. Tomatoes have been plentiful, but the flavor and juiciness has been somewhere between a Florida tomato and an Indiana homegrown.  The tomatoes from the mini-mart would compete favorably with the those from the Bloomington Farmers’ Market in July.

When we arrived yesterday, we were told that few people actually come to the area to ancient Sparta.  Rather the tourists come to see Myntras.  About the time the kids starting coming down for breakfast, we had loud thunder and a downpour that last 20 minutes or so.  We almost cancelled the trip to Myntras. An hour or so later the sun came out and we opted to chance the rain.  We got caught in drizzling rain, but not enough significant.

“The Castle Town of Mystras was very strong in the Byzantine times and actually in the last decades of the Byzantine period, this was the second most important town after Constantinople. On top of the castle hill, there was the Palace of the Despots.” Source:

We had seen a fortress on top of a mountain in Corinth, but could see no way to get near it.  We were able to get pretty close to this one, but it was closed due to a national holiday. Although it was May 3, the Greek May 1 Labor Day was being celebrated.


We had a snack in the modern town of Myntras.  Quaint small town with several restaurants and a couple of tourist shops.  Sarah liked the strawberry milkshake, while Marcia, Ella and Rachel had hot chocolate.  I went with the single dip of strawberry ice cream.  There were several acrobatic cats in the area.  This one leaped off the ground and scampered around branches with the greatest of ease.