Postojna Cave, Slovenia

The tour of the cave lasts 1.5 hours.  A 15-minute train ride takes visitors into the cave. The train passes through a very narrow passage. A tall person would need to duck frequently.  Like the there was no room on the sides.  They did not warn the passengers to kept their arms in, but it was obvious.  The train stopped and everyone walks a trail for the next hour. Because it had rained during the previous week, the ceilings were constantly dripping.   A startling fact was that the stalagmites grow at the rate of one millimeter during a ten-year period.  It take a century to add one centimeter.  To add an inch, it would take 254 years.IMG_1156

The reddish color indicates the presence of iron oxide.


This is the featured stalagmite of the Cave.  It is pure limestone.

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