Budapest, Hungary

The highways from Graz to Budapest were divided four lane highways between the cities. Once we were south of Graz, the countryside could have been mistaken for Indiana north of Martinsville.  The only difference was that in the distance foothills could be seen. A little over halfway to Budapest we stopped to see Lake Balaton. It is about 80 km long and quite wide. There were several sailboats we could see at a distance.  They were too small to be seen in the first picture.

We had planned to have lunch by the lake, but the busiest restaurant did not accept credit cards or Euros.  Without any Hungarian currency (Fortin, FT), we continued on Budapest.

Once we unloaded all our luggage and parked the car in a public garage, we got settled in the nicest apartment of our trip.

The next day Marcia and I had a wonderful meal at a cafe on a pedestrian walkway.  Being in Hungary, we went with local dishes, Hungarian Goulash Soup as a starter, followed by Mangalica steak served on a very hot stone. The Mangalica pig is a long-haired pig that looks like a sheep. We were a bit weary when a fairly thick piece of meat came out that was 95 % raw.  The waiter explained the procedure of cutting off a slice of and putting it on the stone.  He told us the stone would stay hot for an hour.  The stone very quickly cooked each slice. It reminded us of being at a fondue restaurant where you cook your own meat. With the seasoning on the stone it was absolutely delicious.  According to several internet sources Mangalica pork is as prized as Kobe beef. Better than Kobe, in our opinion.

We had eaten more than half of it before thinking about taking a picture.

The girls were equally pleased with their choice of restaurant, KFC. They ordered the Koser Classic Bucket that came with a mix of wings, tenders, a couple legs and french fries. They sat by the window, so they could see us and we could see them.



Our walk-up apartment is on the second (in the US third floor).  The distance between floors is significant.  The ceiling height of the ground level apartments is 20 ft, while the ceiling height in our apartment is 14 ft.  All the interior doors are approximately 8 ft high.
The massive Central Market Hall is across the street from our apartment. There are three levels and many vendors.  There is even an ALDI’s. on the level below the one in the picture.

One of the highlights of May 22, 2016 was Sarah’s 13th birthday.