Alex arrives in Budapest

Marcia’s cousin, Alex (Alexandra), joined us in Budapest.  Everyone was happy to see her. It was a breath of fresh air to add to the mix.

Europe’s second longest river, the Danube, is between us and the Museum of Fine Arts in the background.
The famous Chain Bridge connects Buda (on the left) and Pest (on the right). Great numbers of pedestrians, cars, buses, and trucks use the bridge. 
At first glance it was hard to tell why it was called the Chain Bridge.  I was expecting to see massive conventional chain links.  It is actually more like a bicycle chain without a roller between the links (or plates as labeled in the image below).  The links are greatly elongated and instead of a pin, there is a big bolt and nut.
Imagine 11 plates going each way without the rollers in the middle.
The girls missed American food.  Alex made their day by bringing Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.
A take-off on Hey Jude.  We thought of Alex’s mom, Hey June! 
The grandeur of the buildings throughout BudaPest was a function of the materials and the thousands of hours of labor that went into building them. 



Can you tell which building was constructed during the Soviet era?  I failed to get a picture of the post-Soviet era Marriott and Sofitel, which also failed to capture the character of the city.