Sound of Music Tour – Salzburg

Marcia is a good sport.  I tried to get the girls to do the same pose, but they would not go for it.DSCN2658

Several months before we left for Europe, Marcia insisted we watch the Sound of Music. Prior to getting on the bus, the girls and I were a bit reluctant about the tour.  On the bus they announced it would be a four hour tour, and we looked at each other.  Four hours, oh no. Turns out we all enjoyed the tour.

The queue waiting to get on the bus.
The building to the right is where the boat scene was filmed.  They had to do two takes, because on the first take the youngest daughter fell out of the boat on one side and everyone else on the opposite side.  It would not have been as scary if she knew how to swim and would have fallen on the same side as the rest of the children and Julie Andrews. As it was spring during the shooting, the mountain feed lake was extremely cold.  Nevertheless they did a second take and got it right.
There is a tiny trail to the right of the tallest mountain.  That is where the train scene was filmed.
This is the church where the filming took place.  The director decided the actual church where the von Trapps married was not grand enough.  
The interior of the church fit the requirements of the director.  The figures at the altar were not on a painting, rather they were carved statues.
A closer look at the altar statues.
This is the gazebo that appeared in the film.  It was moved from the grounds of the mansion because people were climbing fences and walking across the frozen lake to get a pictures with the gazebo. It was moved to a park in Salzburg.  The filming of the actual song and dance was done in one half of a gazebo constructed on a sound studio in Hollywood.
We had a break to explore Mondsee and we happened upon a bakery with a couple of outdoor tables.  The desserts looked so good, we stopped and feasted on the above desserts.  The total came to 11 Euro.  We clearly were not in Paris.  Tasted as good as they look.

2 thoughts on “Sound of Music Tour – Salzburg”

  1. The hills are alive with the sound of music…. What a fun way to spend half a day. Everyone will have a new appreciation for the film now. This movie reminds me of being little and watching it with the Jacobs girls. Love you guys

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