Memmingen, Germany and Schloss Neuschwanstein

From Salzburg, we drove to Memmingen.  Rather than stay on divided four lane highways, we used well-paved two lane mountain roads.  We used these roads so we could pick up our tickets for the Neuschwanstein Castle the next day.  Marcia had made reservations and we would have needed to arrive two hours before our reservation time, so we hoped to avoid the need to get up early and be at the Castle two hours early.  Marcia went to the ticket office was told she had to return the next day, no advance tickets for the online reservations.

We used the autobahn to go to our the Riku Hotel in Memmingen. As mentioned in a previous blog, drivers of the German cars zipped by at 90-100 mph. It was fun to put the metal to the metal for short stretches.  I’ve enjoyed driving our French car.  The steering is precise and the car doesn’t feel as though the five of us and our gear is too much weight.

Leaving Memmingen in the morning was complicated since the public garage where we parked the car was closed on Sunday.  At the hotel we were given an electronic token that was supposed to open the garage door and lift the gate.  No such luck.  In the garage there was a group of six college age young people who had been at an outdoor music festival. Their car was parked in the garage and they had called the phone number on the booth inside the garage.  No answer. I went back to the hotel and explained the garage was closed and that I was unable to get the garage door to open. I followed the clerk’s directions and went back to the garage, again the door did not move. After the second try, the hotel clerk kindly offered to go with me to the garage.  She brought a second electronic token.  She watched as nothing happened when I inserted my token.  We traded tokens and the new one worked.

Going back and forth to the garage resulted in a delay of 45 minutes.  This meant we did not arrive at the castle two hours before our reserved time.  The ticket agent informed Marcia her reservation for the two castles and the museum was cancelled because we did not arrive in time.  This turned out to be another time that plan B was better than the initial plan.  Since the online reservation did not require a deposit Marcia saved money by only purchasing only the tour of Neuschwanstein Castle (click on link for more info on the history of the Castle).  The 90-minute tour was perfect for our collective attention span. DSCN2718

The walk up to the Castle was supposed to be 10 minutes.  We had the option of taking a bus (2.4 Eur pp) or horse drawn carriage (6 Eur pp).  For five people that seemed like there were better ways to spend 12 Eur.  Even though there was a slight drizzle, we followed others and headed up.  After at least 15 minutes, Marcia questioned the 10 minute estimate.  We walked for 25 minutes and came to point where the horse drawn carriages stopped.  Near that point there was a sign saying 10 minutes to the Castle.  No one complained and the above picture is one of the sights on the walk up.
We bribed Rachel and Sarah to appear in the picture by agreeing to get them ice cream.  Sarah doesn’t look to excited by the deal, but she is in the picture!  Ella stated she did not want ice cream.
Notice the smartphone in Rachel’s hand.  A practice that started when she was walking to fifth grade continued while we were on the trip.  She read while walking.  Over the last couple of months, she extended the skill by reading while we were on climbing or descending stairs.  Often the stairs were tricky circular ones.
The view from the Castle.  Sarah is to the left taking a picture she shared via Instagram.  We walked down to the lake that can be seen below. We ate at restaurant on the edge of the lake.
Another view from the Castle.
On the walk down, we came across this snail.  The walk down was quicker and we were on a mission to find a place to eat and get some ice cream for Sarah and Rachel.
The wildflowers were in full bloom. Everyone enjoyed their lunch at this restaurant.  The restaurant was on the edge of an amazing crystal clear lake.  
The view from the patio of the restaurant.
Sarah’s order of potato pancakes
Marcia’s order of Salmon Trout with white aspargus.
The Castle we did not visit but could see from the restaurant.

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  1. I’ve been to the castle several times to take different people. Loved the walk and the view as much as the tour.

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