Hook of Holland to Harwich

Rather than return the car to Paris, we decided to keep the car for another two weeks and cross the English Channel on a ferry.  The limitation of carrying two bags per person on the Chunnel influenced the decision. We opted for a 5-person cabin on the ferry. The kids felt they were at the Ritz.  It was a cut above the ferry from Bari to Patras. Our ship was the Stena Hollandica.

The tractor trailers are parked on the deck.  Our car was parked on the level below the trucks.
One last look at Holland.

Rather than drive to London and arrive in the evening, we stayed in the port city of Harwich.  Our car GPS lead us to the correct address but we did not see the sign for The Good Life Guest House.

We saw the Family Shopper and the bar on the corner.  About the third time we passed the location, Marcia saw the sign on the second story for the Guest House.  Notice the Union Jack on the left, the EU flag at half mast and the French flag on the right.  We assumed half mast EU flag was a comment about the referendum of the UK to leave the EU. Brexit is getting a lot of play in the newspapers.
To celebrate our first day in England we walked down the street from the Guest House and had a traditional British breakfast; bacon, bangers, tomatoes, and eggs.  When we sent the picture as a text message to Mark, he commented on the absence of beans. Next time…

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