Universal Studio London: The Making of Harry Potter

Rachel with the ponytail at the center the picture.  Ella in pink is to Rachel’s right.  Sarah is in the white shirt on Rachel’s left.

While the girls have resisted early morning excursions, they made an exception for the Harry Potter Studio Tour. Everyone was up and ready before 8:00 am, a first in four months.

The grand entrance to the Great Hall.  It was also our entrance to the studio.
The great hall where the students of Hogwarts dined.
The sorting hat that determined which of the four houses a student was assigned.
The Gryffindor common room.  Harry was a Gryffindor.
The Gryffindor bunk room where Harry slept.
The headmaster, Dumbledore’s office.
4 Privet Drive where Harry spent his childhood. His small room was under the staircase.


After Harry’s uncle destroyed multiple acceptance letters, the owls brought a flood of letters that they sent down the chimney.
Sarah driving with Rachel in the sidecar.  The bike did not have an insignia on the gas tank.  There were two motorcycles used in the films, a Triumph 650 T-120 Bonneville and a Royal Enfield. This one is probably the Royal Enfield.
Marcia on the Hogwart’s bridge that connects two mountains.
The model used for shooting various scenes of Hogwarts.  It looks small in the picture, but the towers are about 30 ft high. In the background on the right and left are people .  They can provide an indication of the scale of the model.
The Knight Bus.

The video includes samples of animatronics included in Harry Potter films

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