Day Three London: Aladdin

The focus of the outing today was a trip to the Prince Edward Theatre for Aladdin.  We arrived early enough to have time to have lunch before the performance.  We found the Theatre and Marcia braved the line to pick up the tickets at will call.


Before the performance, we wandered into Chinatown looking for a restaurant.  There were many great options.  We examined many menus.  Some were too expensive, others were missing Szechuan dishes that I was hoping to see.

The Lido was our selection for lunch.  The girls have become more adventurous in their eating habits.  Ella ordered Lemon Chicken and Sarah ate Sweet and Sour Chicken that did not have the characteristic red sauce common in the US.
The pre-performance view from our seats.  The girls gave thumbs up for the performance of Aladdin.

2 thoughts on “Day Three London: Aladdin”

  1. Mark thinks that chance near food in England is better than in America. I still have fond memories of that little Chinese place near Kroger in the east side… Great lunch special!

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