Last day in London: Brick Lane Market


On our last day in London, Marcia and I visited The Brick Lane Market.  Sarah, Ella, and Rachel choose to take a day off.  They stayed in the apartment. The market is huge.  There is a covered area.  Several streets are closed to cars for the Sunday market and the sidewalks are full of vendors and their new and used wares.  The best part of the market was the array of food vendors from all parts of the world.


We had Gosleme, a Turkish dish. The free sample made the decision to stop

There was fresh fruit galore.
This part of the Sunday Brick Lane market was on a side street.


After perusing the market, we returned to the Underground to get to the Tower of London.

Tower Bridge.


London City Hall viewed from the Tower Bridge.
A view of the Gerken that looks like a rocket ready to blast off.
In Harry Potter, this was the scene of the Wobbly Bridge.  Our Muggles guide pointed to this mentioned that when it was first built, it actually wobbled from people walking on it.  They had to close it and re engineer it.  Officially it is the Millenium Bridge.
We enjoyed a pleasant chat with these two gentlemen. Both were German citizens but working in London doing visual effects for movies and tv show.  They had worked on Game of Thrones. 
Another bridge on the Thames

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