Highclere Castle

Highclere Castle was our last tourist destination on our visit to Europe.  Marcia had prepared us well for the visit.  We watched the PBS special on the Highclere Castle.  We watched several episodes from the second season of Downton Abbey in the weeks prior to the visit.

The girls have become accustomed to waiting in a long queue.  There were no complaints that we were waiting too long to get in.
While on a highway we saw a sign, “Caution Soft Verges”.  From the loose gravel at the edge of the highway, we assumed verges are shoulders. Subsequently, the dictionary indicated a verge is an edge, border, margin, rim, or lip.


We observed the caution not to take an pictures inside Highclere.
Winged dragons were a feature below second story windows.
UNG IE SERUIRAY means “One will I serve”.  Google indicated a different spelling from Old French, “Ung Je Seruiray”.
Marcia at the back of the Castle.
The grounds of the 5,000 acre estate were as impressive as the Castle.



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