Roman Baths: Bath England

We arrived in Bath a couple of hours before our Roman Baths dinner and tour.  We explored the pedestrian streets and window shopped.

A pedestrian street in Bath.  The umbrellas were particularly apt.  It rained on and off while we were in Bath.


Eventually we found the Apple Store.  Sarah went to one of the new iPads with the Apple Pencil.  She found the Sketches app.  Within in 15 minutes, Marcia, Ella, and I were on iPad’s creating creating drawings with the Sketches app.  The feel of the Apple Pencil was uncanny.  It glided across the surface and appeared to be pressure sensitive.  The harder you pressed the thicker the line.  It turns out there is a bluetooth pairing between the iPad and the Pencil.

Upon exiting the Apple Store we went to a plaza where a crowd was watching the Wimbledon men’s single final.  In the press, Andy Murray had been mentioned as Britain’s hope. We enjoyed the moment as the hopes of British citizens came true.

Moments after Brit Andy Murray beat Canadian Milos Raonic on Centre Court of Wimbledon.  Just before the picture was taken there was joyful cheering and clapping for the match point shot by Murray.

Based on the website, we assumed the dinner would be held by candlelight in the Roman Baths. Although the rather plain restaurant was across the street and the meal was less than stellar, we enjoyed the actual Roman Baths.  Rachel and Ella were listened intently to their audio guides.

The main pool.
I am enjoying a moment with Roman enactors. It turned out that the man next to me was familiar with Marcia’s hometown in Indiana.  One of his mentors was a prof at St Joseph College.
One of the larger pools that is fed by a hot thermal spring.

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