Joined the Boat Today

The day has finally arrived to make the trek to Portsmouth, VA.  Between 6:15 and 7:00, I was rushing to get everything in my bags.  The girls left for the bus stop and forgot to say goodbye.  Marcia returned from the bus stop and we were off the airport.  Getting on the plane to BWI, Sid Shaw was seated in about the 8th row and said a cheerful hello.  Rather than sit in the middle seat next to Sid, I opted to sit in an aisle seat at the back of the plane.  It would have been nice to talk with Sid but being able to stretch my legs and have full access to both armrests won out over being sociable.  Fortunately, Sid waited for me to exit the plane and we had a conversation about our kids and their friends.  I am so glad that friends we met at BDLC have not been lured away to other universities.

Kathy picked me up at the airport.  I learned that at one point in the late morning, Carlos was about to call me and tell me to cancel my flight.  They realized I was already on the flight, so Carlos did not call.  Bob and Jim from Trident Marine Electronics questioned whether they could rewire, install a missing network switch, get the chartplotters working together by the day we were scheduled to leave.  It would have meant that it would have been a no go. However by mid-afternoon, they postponed some other jobs and committed to get it done.  They put in 20 hours to tear out the wiring that was done in Savaanah and eventually update the software.  Kudos to Trident Electronics, and to Bob and Jim!

Sleeping on the boat was like sleeping on the land.  My stateroom has a great mattress. Unlike some marinas, the water was smooth.  Hence, there was no movement of the boat.  Ocean Yacht Marina, Portsmouth, VA is directing across from the Norfolk Navy Yard. With massive cargo ships coming and going, I would have thought we would be bouncing around from their wake.  It was amazing how high the empty cargo ships ride in the water.

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