First Day on the Boat at the Dock

Spent the day getting food provisions, and a trip to West Marine.  Since Carlos and Kathy have a rental car, Lane (skipper of the Flying Dolphin) came with Kathy and me.  Because the food prices in Bermuda and the Azores are outrageously expensive, we provisioned for six weeks.  The Ford Escape was piled to the brim.  Lane was in the back seat and sitting against the door with grocery bags filling the floor, seat and blocking the rear view.  The back was likewise filled.  This was not the first time for provisions, and as it turned out not the last.

Greg who oversaw the retrofit in Savanah, failed to complete other jobs that he was paid for.  The line on the whisker pole was too short, so we had to buy a longer line and splice them together, so we did not have to climb the mast.

I spent a good chunk of the afternoon rigging the pulleys and lines to connect the dinghy to the stern arch.  It took couple of tries but I eventually got the twist out the lines.  Carlos and I worked on rigging the preventer.  The preventer keeps the boom from slinging with great force during an accidental jibe.

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