We Are Off to Bermuda

At 0600 we left the dock in Portsmouth. It was overcast and raining. We headed out the Chesapeake. In Dodge Morgan’s book on his record breaking solo circumnavigation, he talked about “marauding emotions” on the day he departed. He also mentioned that his senses were “under siege.” After reading Morgan’s book, I intended to consciously monitor my emotions.

After waiting so long to finally start sailing, I expected a feeling of elation once we untied the dock lines and go on our way. My thoughts were more along the lines of, “darn, it is raining.” There was no feeling of “wow.” On the way to Cape Henry it was amazing to see the number of US. Navy war ships.

Several hours later, as we passed Cape Henry, a big smile emerged and my thoughts revolved around the idea that we were headed across the Atlantic, next stop Bermuda. We were soon battling the gulf stream. We motor sailed to get across the gulf stream before the winds shifted and came out of the north.

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