St George’s, Bermuda

Walked to Tobacco Bay, a nice beach. Spent some time snorkeling and given how close it was to beach, there were large colorful trigger fish. Water temp was comfortable.

On the walk to Tobacco Beach we met Phil and Norma.  Their blog is: They have been sailing since 2009.  Nine years is a long time to be traveling with only occasional trips back for family events.  Like initial conversations with other sailors, the questions are typically about where you sailed from, to where and when you plan to sail, your respective boats, and boat repairs.  As the conversation proceeds more detail is learned about noteworthy passages.  After transiting the Panama Canal, they were headed to the Galapagos and ran into a submerged 8-ft metal fishing cage.  Their keel and rudder were compromised.  They hand steered for 350 miles.  Phil did a two-hour shift while Norma did a one-hour shift.   To make matters worse, the parts they needed and the boatyard that could do the job required another passage of the Panama Canal. Norma said the first time through the Canal was exciting and took many pictures.  Not as much fun on the second and third time.  Rather than lamenting their misfortune, they reported feeling good about being able to successfully handle a serious situation.

On land it is common to learn what a person does for work.  We talked with Phil and Norma for close to an hour and the topic of occupations/professions did not come up.  The conversation was focused solely on sailing.

The day was capped off with the awards ceremony for the first leg of ARC-Europe. Team North Wind came in second!

Tiny frogs make incredibly loud and high pitched sounds.

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