Goodbye Sunshine and Consistent Winds

Hello rain.  In Longboat Key, we often watch thunder storms move across the Gulf.  A tall dark thunderhead looks like it extends to the water.  The rain portion reflects the direction the cloud is moving.  Today there were two thunderheads, one on our port and the other on our starboard.  They appeared to be connected by one large arching cloud.  Under the arching cloud was some daylight.  We sailed right under the arch and missed the downpours.  Eventually the rain caught us and stayed with us.

Most evenings we experience heavy condensation.  A layer of condensation forms on the sole (floor), table, seats, and on vertical surfaces such as cabin doors and cabinet doors.  Everything is damp, and sticky, even the sheets in my cabin.  Climbing into my foul weather gear is challenging, because the inside of the jacket and trousers is damp, not wet.  The outside is wet from the last watch.