Wind Shift at 39 North

Finally, the winds shifted a bit to the south and we were on a close reach with winds 19-20 kts and gusts to 25-27.  Boat speed is another variable that makes the crew happy.  We sailed 9-10 kts with occasional bursts to 11 knots.  Once on the chartplotter I saw we hit 12.2 kts.  The boat did an admirable job of pounding through the 5-6 waves.  We had quite an exhilarating ride in the dark.  The moon came and went behind clouds but most of the time there was some light on the water.  It surprised me that 9-10 kts could start to feel normal.  Similar to being on an interstate, when you slow down to 55, it feels slow. Amazing how we adapt to speed.

This was the best mileage day of the trip.  We sailed 206 nm in 24 hours.  We averaged 8.6 kts!  Big smiles around the boat when we realized how good the last 24 hours had been.  Much of the credit goes to the whisker pole and 110% genoa rocks.  No spinnaker, gennaker, or code 0, so all the more impressive.