Dolphin Day

Dolphins made multiple visits to the boat today.  The first five times there were 2-4 dolphins that would appear 40 or so feet off the side of the boat.  Then they would move quickly to the bow.  The water is so clear it is easy to follow them when they dive after surfacing for a breath of air.  They seem to play at the bow, but only briefly, maybe 15 seconds.  Then they are gone.

The grand finale came late in the afternoon.  It was my watch and everyone else was below.  Off the port about 50 ft was an 8 ft wave that was coming toward us at a 45 degree angle.  Suddenly there were 12-15 dolphins leaping out the wave.  They  emerged from the wave a couple of feet below the crest and smashed down.  My best estimate is that there were 30 or more in the pod.  My thought was that my camera was safely stowed below in my cabin, safe from getting splashed.  It took me several seconds to realize that my cell phone was out of the rice bag and in my pocket.  By the time the phone was unlocked and the camera was rolling, the vast majority of the pod had vanished.  The video below shows a few of the stragglers.

(video will be added once the phone starts working again.

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