First Full Day in Horta

Took a long walk south. It was pleasant to exercise the legs and explore the adjacent town.  I saw two groups of locals heading up steps to a restaurant.  I tend to select restaurants that are crowded and avoid those that are empty.  The waiter told me today’s fish would arrive in a 15 minutes.  Sure enough, a man came in with two baskets of fish.  There were at least ten different types of fish.  The waiter sensed I had no clue which to order.  He recommended the big fish and indicated it was the best in the Azores.  Uncharacteristic of me, I said yes without knowing the price.  I still don’t know what it cost, but whatever it turns out to be, it will be a bargain.  The fish was firm, not to the degree of swordfish, but a bit firmer than grouper.  It was grilled over a wood fire. It was incredibly moist.  I don’t know what the clear sauce was, but it added to experience.  Bottom line, a very memorable meal.  It ended up costing 27 Euros, not cheap at $31, but worth every cent.

Went to Peter Sport Café and met up with the Migaloo and Himmel crews. After a .5 liter Super Bock (Portuguese beer), then I joined Himmel for dinner.  I learned that the Himmel crew had arranged a guide for to go to the summit of Pico the next day.  I asked if I could join them. Mike sent a text to the guide and he immediately replied affirmatively.  Great meal at Peter Sport Café. We laughed a lot and replayed parts of the sail from Bermuda.

2 thoughts on “First Full Day in Horta”

  1. Did you ever determine what fish it was? My dad’s favorite part of our Azore & Madeira vacation was an early morning trip to the local fish market which was always bustling despite the hour. I’ll never forget seeing a full size Tuna – immense.

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