Day Sail to Santa Maria.

We had to take on fuel, so we were slow getting out of Sao Meguel.  We had to wait while Flying Doplin finished.  Eventually, the dock was free.  We fueled and headed out.  The wind was mild and right on our stern.  We sailed between 5 and 6 knots for five hours.    We had to gibe and in the process of shifting the whisker pole to the starboard side, the pole ripped a 5 inch tear in the foot of the genoa sail. We sailed on because it was in the foot of the sail there was two layers of fabric.

Roy and Carlos setting the whisker pole on the genoa.

We were the last ones to leave Sao Miguel and eventually caught Migaloo.  At that point the wind died and we used the Yanmar sail, i.e., the diesel engine to reach Santa Maria before customs closed.

Once in Santa Maria, we were invited to Principal Interest for drinks and appetizers. We received the tour of another incredible boat.  If the Oyster is a Rolls, a Farr is a Bentley.  The mast is 95 ft tall, the keel is 9.5 ft.  Even the rudder is 7.5 deep.  It is 60 ft long.  The boat is built to go fast.  On AIS, Carlos and Kathy watched Ed maneuver the boat in the very tight marina.  Keeping with the auto metaphor, it was like parking a Chevy Suburban in a European parking garage designed for Smart cars.  Somehow without crashing into another boat or the dock, Ed found a space that would fit. The Migaloo crew joined the North Wind crew and told docking horror tales.

Evening at the marina on Santa Maria.

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