Santa Maria

First order of business was getting the sail patched.  A check of resources available in Santa Maria revealed no one on the island with a sewing machine for sailed.  Dave of Himmel, volunteered to help.  He brought his patch kit and Carlos brought out the sail repair kit he bought at West Marine in Portsmouth, VA.  We hauled the genoa down and for the next 90 minutes Carlos sewed.  Pushing a needle through the heavy Dacron at the foot of sail took a lot of strength.  I took over and finished the job in a little more than an hour.    The patch looked darn good, considering Carlos and I had never sewn one before.

Dave of Himmel offering technical support to Carlos.
Dave and Roy getting the genoa sorted out and ready to hoist.

To celebrate our victory with the sail tape, I went with Roy to get a grilled tuna lunch.  I wish I had a picture.  It was a big tuna steak, grilled and served with a cup of butter.  The flavor of the wood grill added a new dimension to tuna.

Tomorrow we set sail for Portugal.  Hard to believe it is the last leg.  The winds are forecast to be less than 10 kts for the next three days.  It would be nice to have more wind, but it is what it is.

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