Second Day Sailing to Lagos, Portugal

While I was sleeping at the start of Kathy’s 0200 watch, the wind died and the Yanmar sail was fired up.  Much to my chagrin, the Yanmar was still running at the start of my watch. It was cold enough to wear a fleece and my rain jacket.  It was misty and we were surrounded by clouds.  The exception was a sliver of light on the horizon that appeared to be the sunrise.  The strange part was the light was not coming from the east.  It was directly south.  The clouds were so thick in the east that the sun could not peek through.

For an hour the Yanmar sail droned on.  Then the wind emerged off the port beam.  Not much only about 6 kts, but enough to unfurl the genoa.  Soon the wind was giving us a 1 kt boast.  After an hour of many minor heading and sail adjustments, my shifted ended.  It looked like we are in for a slow day.

When my shift ended at 0800, I made a nice egg, cheese and prosueto grilled sandwich.  I used goat butter and grilled the bread.  Goat butter is pure white.  It looks like Crisco, but tastes like regular salted butter.

Shortly after my watch ended and I had eaten, it was off to my bunk. This has been my pattern for the last 24 hours; watch – eat – sleep, watch – eat – sleep, watch – eat – sleep.

I woke at noon to a beautiful blue sky, and super light wind.  The engine drones on, aided somewhat by wind on the port beam.  It looks like another 48 hours of comparable wind.  Then I expect to have North Wind on its hull speed.

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