Carlos yelled, “Whale.”  Kathy and Roy were up through the companionway like a shot.  I was in bed, grabbed my camera and was right behind them.   Off the starboard beam about 50 yards were two whales moving in the opposite direction of the boat.  They would spout shooting water 10-15 ft in the air.  Then their dorsal side behind their blow hole would appear and continue above the water till their dorsal fin broke the surface.  Moving forward their dorsal fins would disappear and their dorsal side behind the fin would submerge.  I never saw the classic whale tail shot. Nevertheless, very cool. Again, there wasn’t time to get the camera, turn it on, and find the whales.  Given how quickly the whales passed, I made the right decision not to mess with turning the camera on and trying zoom in where I thought the whales would be next.

More good news was that we had 12 kts of wind on a beam reach, moving us at an average rate of 7.2 kts closer to Lagos.  It is nice when the forecast in wrong in the right direction, i.e., more wind than was forecast.

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