3701 Nautical Miles Since May 6, 2018

After passing to the north of the shipping lanes and approaching St Vincent Point, we expected to see less wind.  We assumed the land would buffet the wind.  Not the case, the strong winds continued right up to until we were about 4 nm from Lagos.  As we passed the Point, we had to be vigilant to avoid fish traps.  Sailing directly into the sun it was hard to see them, until we passed them.  However, we managed to avoid wrapping fish netting around the keel, sail drive, and rudder. As we were dodging fish traps, it became clear that we would soon be docked at Customs in Lagos.  It was quite a feeling of elation, with a bit of relief we averted potential disasters.  The music sounded better than normal.  I’ll admit to a little of dancing at the helm.  It reminded my of a comment from a waitress in Flagstaff, AZ, who mentioned having a Grand Canyon high, while hiking below the rim.  During the final few miles it certainly was a great natural high.

Our last sunrise of the passage.

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