2020: Wishing You the Best in 2021

This past year has been one of social distancing and mask wearing. There has never been a year when we have washed our hands as often.  It’s safe to say we have washed hands more in 10 months than during the preceding 10 years. Marcia is the exception because at the hospital she repeatedly washed and changed gloves many times a day as part of the lab routine.

Empty shelves

Trying to capture the essence of 2020, it would be easy to complain about social isolation and anxiety associated with COVID-19 fears. Normally, holiday letters cover the positive events of the year, the events that make you smile when you remember them.

In the spirit of being positive, here are things we are grateful for during 2020.

Before the pandemic struck in March, 2020 we escaped to Florida.

Artic Terns enjoying the winter in Longboat Key.
Marcia, Jack, Will, Sarah, Mya, and Ella walking horses slowly in a bay near Bradenton, FL.
Marcia getting ready to ride.

After our escape to Florida, we (including the kids) quadrupled the frequency of our neighborhood walks.  When the IU students were sent home in the spring, we strolled around the empty campus.  It was strange to spend an hour walking to the far corners of the campus without seeing another soul. We also did many family hikes at local lakes; Yellowwood, Griffy, Monroe, McCormick’s Creek, etc. 

The spring flowers were beautiful, but the IU students and most of the faculty were not on campus
Ella and Will on the quiet IU campus
Will, Ella and Marcia at McCormick’s Creek
Ella and Will hiking at McCormick’s Creek

On June 9, we adopted Scooby, a rescue dog, that was purported to be a Maltese, Jack Russel Terrier, and Chihuahua mix. The DNA analysis revealed Chihuahua, American Pit Bull Terrier, Small Poodle, Shih Tzu, Maltese, Dachshund, and a “super mutt mix.”  Despite a touch of Pit-Bull , Scooby turned out to be a great addition to the family.  Several times each day, we took neighborhood walks that often included a trip around Bryan Park.  With the addition of Scooby, the frequency of long walks increased yet again.

Scooby , our beloved dog.

Our traditional July fourth family gathering at the Stanton’s on Lake Minnetonka was canceled, but in late July we did make it to the Stanton’s for several days. 

Sunrise at the Stanton’s on Lake Minnetonka.

Ella, Sarah and Will on Lake Minnetonka at the Stanton’s

Ella participated in cross country in the fall.  Her coaches greeted the each masked runner with a hand cleaning routine at the start and finish of practice.  The cross country team was the only high school team without anyone testing positive for Covid. 

Ella near the finish line. She held off the runner behind her.

Sarah began her first job at Moe’s Southwest Grill.  Like other restaurants it was closed for a period of time, but then opened up for deliveries and curbside service. She ran the cash register, made burritos, cleaned up in the evening and eventually was closing the store.  She was promoted to assistant manager, working the grill, handling phone/online orders, training new hires, and closing the store in the evenings. Sarah also achieved Gold with Distinction with her combo at the Indiana State Music Association Competition.

Sarah, Audra, Nick, and Josie at the state competition.

Jack made frequent trips to the Lake Monroe Sailing Association in the spring, summer and fall. Most of time he was sailing solo, other times Marcia joined him.  When the COVID numbers were down in August and September, Jack taught the basic keel boat course and introduction to coastal sailing. Jack enjoyed it as much as the students, especially when the students had the boat well-heeled on a close reach in fresh breeze.

Sunrise at Lake Monroe Sailing Association.
A beautiful autumn day with new sails on Lake Monroe.
Sarah and Marcia

We wish you all the best in 2021!