Bienvenue a Paris

AirCanadaIt was a smooth 7 hour flight from Toronto. Taking a minivan from Charles de Gaulle to the apartment on 100bis, avenue Kleber, Paris was the right choice because if we would have taken the train there would have needed to change at two different metro stops. The added bonus was that traffic was moving along swiftly. Getting situated in the apartment was seamless. We are quite pleased with our apartment for the next five weeks.

Our trip coincides nicely with the fact that last year Sarah had an excellent Western Civilization class in sixth grade. Next year, Rachel and Ella will have the same teacher for Western Civilization. Ella and Rachel will an opportunity to see the present day incarnation of Greek and Roman city-states they will subsequently study in sixth grade. Marcia and I hope the trip will be an opportunity to fully immerse the girls in Western Civilizations.

Since we will be homeschooling the kids, they will be exposed to various empires and the resulting works of art. Hopefully this will help the kids appreciate the meaning behind the various sites. The goal is to avoid the kids saying, “great another museum” or Roman ruins that look the same as the previous Roman ruins.

We walked around the neighborhood taking in the atmosphere. We stocked up on groceries and found some outstanding strawberries. Each one was perfect and tasted like locally grown summer strawberries full of flavor.   We picked up some tasty pears, cheese, and a bottle of wine to celebrate the arrival.  Can’t wait till tomorrow…